AltaMAR TL2405/LVD Strippit TL 2450-FL

The AltaMAR TL2405 has been rebranded as the

LVD Strippit TL 2450-FL.

Please see the LVD Group website for more information.–tl-2450-fl_1227.aspx


  • 0.25″ to 5″ diameter; rectangular tubing to 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • Fiber laser source to 2000 watts
  • 12 foot and 24 foot in-feed options
  • Bundle feeder available
  • 7 pocket magazine feeder
  • Fast and easy changeover (shown below)

Downloadable brochure: TL2405 Tube Laser System

AltaMAR’s Quick Change Face Plate System:






















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