AltaMAR LT2410/LVD Strippit TL 2665

The AltaMAR LT2410 has been rebranded as the

LVD Strippit TL 2665.

Please see the LVD Group website for more information.–tl-2665-fl_1228.aspx

LT2410 Laser Tube Cutting System
The Model LT2410 Laser Tube Cutting System is available from AltaMAR. This system is for customers who fabricate tubular components from round or rectangular tubing. Capable of handling tubing to 26 feet in length and 6.5 inches in diameter, the LT2410 can produce completed parts in one process – both ends and all internal features are cut in one pass. With the flexibility and excellent edge quality of laser cutting, the LT2410 is ideal for manufacturers and job shops who need the ability to produce tubular parts in quantities from a few parts to tens of thousands. Automatic tube size adjustment and a 10 position magazine feeder are included as standard. A bundle feed is available as an option.

With PRC lasers to 3000 watts or an optional fiber laser, the LT2410 Laser Tube Cutting System is capable of cutting mild steel, stainless, or aluminum of various sizes and wall thicknesses. Round, rectangular, or ob-round tubing, and C-channel materials can be processed.


  • 0.75″ to 6.5″ diameter; shaped tubes to 5″ x 5″ square
  • CO2 laser source to 3000 watts
  • 26 foot maximum tube length
  • Fully automatic set up and run
  • Bundle feeder available







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